Lisa Kawazoe

Lisa’s current body of work is a representation of her intuitive expression of the spiritual and energetic connection between the physical body and the space in which we exist. Her exploration of both the macro and microcosm of these worlds becomes an interactive process, as she observes, transmits, and records the movements of energy within and around her. This experience is then metaphorically portrayed through color, mixed media, geometry, and texture. Although this becomes translated as two-dimensional, the intention is that the experience is preserved and can therefore remain three-dimensional.

She also immerses herself in readings of elemental nature, psychology, and Chinese medicine philosophy. She combines these tokens of thought and transmutes them into an experience that is personal yet universal. The awareness is in the perceived sensory connections to the energetic resonance of thought and sound. Often she is guided in awakening this observation through her Qi Gong and meditation practice as well as when she surrounds herself in nature. There is a realm that is unseen yet perceptible, intangible yet familiar, and it is in this space where she attunes into her creative work.

The movements of energy, which she finds to be both static and dynamic as well as a preservation of time that is also unpreserved, inspire her. She believes that because energy and qi are all encompassing, one possess the instinctual abilities to receive and transform the particulate resonance of an environment as well as reflect its vibration through the body’s pores. Sparked by theories of yin and yang, she believes that when in the space of an art piece, much like in nature, this can serve as a healing platform for one to recalibrate a sense of homeostasis as the body works to interact with the vibrational realm of its nature. She finds that where there is sprit, there is imagination. And where there is imagination, there is chance for healing. In the absence of imagination, healing stagnates.

The intricacy and subtlety of her work suggests a meditative expression and offers a sense of movement and sensitivity. Her visual perception of time is a representation of potential and evolution from the viewer’s individual experience as energy itself is omnipresent.

Lisa currently resides in Los Angeles, where she works as a commission artist, practices Qi Gong energy healing, and is a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.